The History Of Makeup In Different Cultures

Published: 23rd May 2011
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The first colours: balck and brown, were part of the nature, and used as comouflage during hunting. Different coloured mud meant that red and yellow were the shades that followed. In 5,000 B.C., men and women wore makeup while at war in Mesopotamian (now called Iraq) .The Egyptians were one of the first to start wearing pow-der; using iron-rich yellow earth to protect against the sun. Egyptian women applied coal around their eyes, and used a mixture of green copper and lead to create a turquoise eye shadow. Blush was made from pulverized mud,and was used to colour lips and cheeks. Their hands and feet were made pink with henna.
At Egyptian excavations, archaeologists have found spoons, palettes, bowls and pounders, which were used to mix and grind the makeup. Mirrors, combs, curling irons, and boxes of charcoal pencils and eye shadows have also been found.Higher society Egypti ans covered their bodies with scented oils, and Cleopa tra is believed to have bathed in ass' milk.In ancient Rome, a thick layer of white lead was used on the face,throat and shoulders.Wealthy women had female slaves who managed their body and hair. And bear fat was used to create perfume, and colours were made from carbon compounds, ants' eggs and squas-hed flies. Only the women of ancient Rome used mekeup, whilst the men groomed their beards, hair and nails.In China, rice starch was used as powder - a custom later exported to Japan and Europe.Geishas made themselves up with layers of pink and white. In Tokyo the pink was applied first, and vice versa in Kyoto. To create the porcelain-look skin, a short-haired brush was used. Then blush was applied on the cheeks, eye lids, and nose. To finish, white rice powder was applied to the eyebrows and eyelashes. Queen Elizabeth I of England typified the pale look in the country during the middle of the 16th Century.She used white lead and masks of egg white, ground ala baster, and mud to enhance her natural palenes. Women shaved off their eyebrows and painted blue veins on their temples; an influence from Venice. Pale skin was considered beautiful - it was only the common workers who were tanned. A lot of different tricks were used to try to block the sun's rays, and the Queen encouraged questions about her appearance. She combined her pale skin with red lips and cheeks. Eye makeup was considered vulgar. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was primarily theater actors and actresses who wore makeup in the Europe and the U.S. France was the first country to embrace makeup, with lots of small businesses making mixtures in their basements. This was despite many of the mixtures damaging the skin. European and Amen-can consumers started to buy makeup at stores after the discovery of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1922.

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